Help Alex White Plume!

For those of you who do not know Alex, he is an Oglala Lakota Hemp Activist. He has been fighting the US Government for years to able to grow Hemp on his land that is part of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. 

“The people of Pine Ridge have sovereign status as an independent nation,” White Plume said. “I take that to mean I am free to make a living from this land.” So in spite of reportedly stern warnings from Robert Ecoffey, the superintendent for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) on Pine Ridge, who pointed out that Oglala Sioux sovereignty is limited and does not include the right to violate federal laws, the White Plumes planted an acre and a half of industrial hemp using seeds collected from plants growing wild on the rez. A few days before the crop was due to be harvested, in late August 2000, agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration, the FBI, the BIA, and the U.S. Marshals Service swarmed the place in helicopters and SUV s and shut down the hemp operation. The crop went feral. “It was an experiment in capitalism and a test of our sovereignty, but it seems the U.S. government doesn’t want to admit that we should have either,” White Plume said.

The man has literally had armed agents of our government put guns to the heads of his children for growing a plant. Please let that sink in for a minute.

More recently the Federal Government has decided to honor the Sovereignty of American Indian Reservations with regards to growing Cannabis.

The Justice Department said it isn’t going to go after reservations if its residents decide to cultivate pot for sale, even if the states the reservations are located in still deem the drug illegal.

Even so, the US Government has placed a lifetime ban on Alex from ever growing Cannabis again. He is fighting the government to lift the ban and give him the ability to grow Hemp, not marijuana, on his land again. As you are probably aware, fighting the Government in court is very expensive. And this is where Alex needs our help. If you have a PayPal account and an extra $5 please help a true Cannabis Activist keep his electricity on and to buy groceries.

Here is the PayPal link: PayPal

Veronica Carpio of Grow Hemp Colorado has graciously donated items signed by Alex, a bag of Colorado Hemp Tea, and 1 gram of Colorado grown CBD Dominant Hemp Concentrate for Donations over $100. Please donate if you can.

Thank You

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